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Handheld Steamer Iron
Handheld Steamer Iron
Handheld Steamer Iron
Handheld Steamer Iron
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Handheld Steamer Iron

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  • A perfect choice for easy crease removal from your special-occasion and difficult-to-iron garments.
  • Ideal for use on many fabrics like heavily embroidered garments, versatile designer wear, occasion-wear, heavily layered or pleated attires, and also men’s jackets or kurtas.
  • Steam settings help in crease removal from even thicker garments.
  • Protect your cherished outfits as it guarantees no-burns due to its steam mechanism, quick and ready for use in <1 min.
  • Comes with a container for water that converts into steam upon spraying.
  • Leaves your clothes looking crisp and new in half the time.
  • Glides effortlessly over the garment fabric.
  • Removes creases easily, eliminating pulling ,wrinkling and saving time.
  • Evenly distribute the steam in strong bursts and helps to flatten out difficult creases.
  • Easy to use.
  • Travel-friendly.