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Car Tray No Cup
Car Tray No Cup
Car Tray No Cup
Car Tray No Cup
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Car Tray No Cup

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  • CONVENIENCE: Stop juggling your burger and fries on your lap and enjoy your meal comfortably with our car table when safely parked in your vehicle.
  • ADJUSTABILITY: 360° swivel capabilities and a jointed arm, adjust the table to the perfect position or, swivel the tray back and forth between you and the passenger!
  • SPACE SAVER: With a 9" surface your meal and a padded smartphone stand (great for enjoying a show when eating), our car tray will add practicality to your vehicle while keeping it organized.
  • SECURE FIT FOR YOUR PHONE: The last thing you would want is your phone to go flying when driving over a bump. Therefore our cup phone holder features firm clamps and feet to securely hold your phone with or without a case. Fits phones 1.7" - 4.1” wide.
  • ADJUSTABILITY FOR THE PERFECT VIEWING ANGLE: Regardless of how you sit or where your cup holder is located, the adjustability of our phone car mount can achieve your desired viewing angle with its 360° rotatable cradle & base and flexible neck