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Refrigerator Storage Container
Refrigerator Storage Container
Refrigerator Storage Container
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Refrigerator Storage Container

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  • Safe :Food-grade materials, reusable food storage containers with detachable sealing lid can effectively resist stains and odors, BPA-free, and the fresh-keeping box is made of durable plastic, strong and durable, and safe to use.
  • Size :The size of the big box is 11.6X8.1X3.4 inches, and the size of the small box is 3.7X3.7*2.9 inches. There is 4 small boxes. The overall design is transparent, which can control the dosage and is easy to operate.
  • Keep Fresh: Both large and small boxes are designed with with strong sealing, which can firmly lock the freshness of food without worrying about smell. It can be refrigerated and frozen to keep food fresh for a long time.
  • Widely used: Food storage containers with lids make the products fresher. they used for refrigerator, freezer, table, desk, cabinet. Easily store kitchen staples and pantry supplies.
  • Package Include: 1x large box and 4x compartments, which can be used together or separated. Classified storage will not cross-infect, easy to organize and clear at a glance.